About Our Food Tours

These walking culinary adventures are tastefully guided tours that explore the city and its food. With stops at local restaurants, you’ll savor the dishes that make them Lexington, Kentucky's most popular eateries.

Realizing the culinary riches of downtown  Lexington, Bleu Plate Tours provides an authentic, well-rounded sampling of the city’s most coveted restaurants and the food that made them iconic. From innovative, upscale spins on regional comfort foods to the favorite late night bites of local watering holes, the focus is tasting foods that best represent the culinary trends, the restaurants, culture and the hidden gems. 

You’ll enjoy the tranquility, history and beauty of the city’s nicest downtown neighborhoods as well as the bustle of the urban streets along the way. By touring the city on foot, whether a visitor or a resident of Lexington, you’ll uncover the tucked-away restaurants and establishments that you just don’t see driving by. And you’ll learn tidbits of Lexington’s history while tasting the scrumptious foods that make Lexington’s culinary scene a regional treasure. It's a walking food tasting tour that offers a side dish of history, a dash of culture and a taste of the Bluegrass.

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